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The National Consortium for
Zoonosis Research

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World-class interdisciplinary research towards the control of zoontic infections University of Liverpool Lancaster University Northwest Regional Development Agency Health Protection Agency Veterinary Laboratories Agency


NCZR is the hub for collaborative zoonosis research across the UK and further afield.

It brings together medical and veterinary scientists, with, among others,  microbiologists, ecologists, epidemiologists, statisticians, economists and social scientists.

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This conference, entitled 'Gaps in Science and Policy: Bovine TB, Rabies and others  will take place in the Sherrington Building, Liverpool on July 9th.   For more information see the NWZG website. 


2011 Zoonoses Conference  - Zoonoses in a Changing Socioeconomic Environment
Talks are available on the NWZG website:

International AHVLA/NCZR rabies workshop - 3Rs Approach to Potency Testing for Rabies Vaccines: Liverpool, June 2011
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EID and Zoonoses - Shanghai 2010P
Programme and speakers

AHVLA/NCZR workshop on hantaviruses was held in July 2010.  The programme and talks can be found here.


ANNOUNCEMENT - follow up to the VBD workshop

A follow up meeting to that described below will take place in Liverpool on 12th and 13th November 2014.  Details can be found on the University of Liverpool's Institute of Infection and Global Health website.  For more information contact Caroline Harcourt on harcourt@liverpool.ac.uk 


Vector-borne Diseases Workshop

Members of NCZR arranged an event entitled “The Assessment and Mitigation of Vector-Borne Diseases of Humans and Animals in the UK”.  Funding was provided by BBSRC, NERC and Defra for this meeting, which took place at the Foresight Centre on November 30th

The VBD_programme_final‎ can be seen with links to some of the presentations.

Representative of the major research funding organisations, relevant Government Departments and their Agencies and researchers from many UK universities attended, as well as leading scientists from key European organisations. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for UK researchers to share their current knowledge, identify important research gaps, expand their collaborations and begin to develop efficient mitigation strategies.

It is hoped that the workshop will assist UK Government Departments and their Agencies to assess the risks posed by new disease agents and by changes in the distribution of current agents, as well as assist in setting policies which mitigate these risks, and help avoid activities and policies which increase them. 


PARASITES: PERCEIVED RISK AND REALITY. The talks are available online under the Presentations section



The talks are now available online:






Zoonoses are defined by the World Health Organisation as 'diseases and infections which are transmitted naturally between vertebrate animals and man'.

The importance of these diseases is well demonstrated by a survey of infectious organisms which showed that, of the 1415 species known to be pathogenic to humans, 61% are zoonotic, while 75% of diseases considered to be 'emerging' are also zoonotic.

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